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Term 1 - 2020 starts on 03/02/2020


Ready Set Ballet

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Watch your little one twirl around the room, bouncing with happiness and beaming with joy dancing to the music. With teachers who praise their success and cherish their progress, week after week their confidence blossoms. Their smile shows that a lifelong love of dance has begun.

Pre Primary Ballet & Primary Ballet RAD Syllabus
The Pre-Primary and Primary dance syllabus was developed to help children learn critical thinking, self-confidence, and social, emotional skills through a dance course that is artistically and developmentally appropriate for their age and appealing to young children. The aims of the syllabus are to improve motor development by helping children to become more skilful in natural dance movements, improving their physical fitness, and promoting self-expression through movement. Cognitive development is fostered through learning movements, developing creative skills, and learning musicality and sensitivity in response to music. Self esteem and self-confidence are also developed in an environment that enables children to become independent and co-operative learners. The program encourages creativity by engaging the students in planning exercises set to musical pieces and to express emotion through story telling. By making children feel good about what they are doing, we help to nurture a good self-esteem.

Grade 1 Ballet – Grade 5 Ballet RAD Examined Syllabus
Continues the study of rhythm and spatial awareness while adding more complex technical ballet steps and patterns. At this level students may be entered into a RAD exam. They must be attending two lesson per week to be eligible.

Through regular weekly classes, we provide our young dancers with a valuable opportunity to develop confidence, creativity, technical ability, co ordination, stamina, strength to prepare them for the RAD Vocational Examination process. 

Intermediate Foundation – Advanced 2 RAD Examination Syllabus
Greater artistry and techniques are emphasized in these major grade classes. It is around this level that dancers make the transition from children’s work to professional training, although in many cases there is some overlap. Pointe work is included for girls, but some children may not be strong enough for this at the time major work commences. This must be left to the teacher’s discretion.

These classes will pay attention to fine details, use of the upper body, breath of movement and expression as well as an increasingly advanced repertory of steps. Students who participate in two or more classes per week will have the opportunity to do an exam.

  • For more information on the RAD syllabus and the levels of attainment please visit



Ready Set Dance
Coming in 2020. We can't wait!!!

Jazz Yr 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 /6 

Jazz is the most popular modern dance form. It is a great way for children to express themselves and develop confidence. Our level classes cater for students who do not wish to compete but who have a desire to dance and above all have fun. Classes begin with a warm up, focusing on technique, flexibility, co ordination and strength, followed by progression across the floor, center work and combinations. Students learn fundamental jazz steps and vocabulary, with a focus on body placement and proper technique. All classes are catered to each age group with ge appropriate movements and music.

For those students wishing to pursue a career in dance our performance classes are aimed at developing a high technique and performance skills. Entrants to performance classes are by audition/invitation only and students are required to take at least one ballet class per week at Dynamite Premiere Academy. More information below on Performance Classes.



A sub category of the Jazz genre, Modern dance incorporates ballet and modern technique and vocabulary.  Classes integrate various traditional disciplines of modern dance foundations with current contemporary styles. These classes are for dancers who like physical floor work, patterns of movement and self-expression. Elements of improvisation are also introduced. This is a great class for students who want to create movement and expression with their body in a fun and caring atmosphere.Modern dance is a mixture of all dance forms with a classical technique basis.


Hip Hop

Hip hop is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements.

Musical Theatre

This fun and exciting class will introduce young dancers to the beginning steps of musical theatre-style jazz, while focusing on having fun; moving and developing performance skills. Dancers will learn routines set to age-appropriate Broadway music and work on fine motor skills, listening, and retention of choreography and technique.

Elite Classical Ballet Program

Launched in 2013, the “Dynamite Premiere Academy Elite” program. An invitation only structured syllabus, designed to nurture selected children’s talent and ability, and also to strengthen and improve their technique. The children who participated in the program over the past three years have demonstrated great improvement in their technique, strength, flexibility, balance, understanding of ballet terminology and more.

This Classical Ballet only program now boasts seven students who have been accepted into The Australian Ballet Interstate Training Program.

This sort of syllabus requires the children to be committed and disciplined, they will all benefit enormously from more time in class. Their inclusion in this will be reviewed on a term by term basis to ensure that we have their full dedication. The student’s will still be required to attend their RAD classes and jazz/modern classes in addition to this.


Classical Ballet Extension Program

Classical Ballet Extension Program for our dedicated and talented students. Launched in August 2016, the "Dynamite Premiere Academy Classical Ballet Extension Program" requires extreme determination, desire and discipline. Our Extension Program is by invitation only if you would like further information please contact our office at

Limber/ Stretch & Conditioning

Enhance flexibility, improve mind and body co-ordination, increase strength through correct placement, minimize injuries & enhance performance. This is an open level class, anyone can participate and everyone will benefit from the class as the exercises are tailored to your child’s individual level and capabilities.


Performance Classes

Performance classes are for students who wish to compete in eisteddfod groups. In each age group there is a performance class in which classical ballet, contemporary and jazz groups are rehearsed. In order to be eligible for these classes, students must attend one ballet syllabus class per week if involved in contemporary and jazz and two ballet classes per week if involved in classical groups. This is to ensure students are receiving the best technical training for competition.

Being a part of an eisteddfod group is a huge honour and means that your child has been handpicked for their ability and commitment. Parents and students should be extremely proud of this achievement and understand that they will be representing Dynamite Premiere Academy at various venues outside of the studio. The group will compete against some great dance schools at fantastic venues throughout the year. Generally we will compete in 3 eisteddfods per year; IRBD – Collaroy (April School Holidays), Northern Beaches – Glen St (May), and Ryde – Ryde High School. All parents or guardians are completely responsible for the transport to and from each eisteddfod. We will have specific times we need to meet at the venue. It is a huge commitment to be in the eisteddfods groups and one that runs for the entire year. Classes are not to be missed and if your child is sick we ask that students come to watch if they are NOT contagious. All students must attend the competitions and plenty of notice is given as to when the exact dates are. We will also participate at Solo night (Week 1 of Term 2 at Pittwater High School) End of Year Concert (November) and Newport Festival Day (approximately 27th November).

We hold compulsory Eisteddfod intensive training each April school holidays which every child must attend.
‘Non-performance’ jazz, & modern/contemporary classes will not compete in eisteddfods but will have performance opportunities in our end of year concert.


NB. Level classes are open to all enrolments whereas students are placed into performance classes by the teaching staff based on individual progress and ability. Performance students compete in three eisteddfods per year. Level class students will be given the opportunity to perform at the end of year concert. 



We provide the following classes taught by our experienced staff at our Newport studio, check out our classes page for full details:

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